SentiLink White Paper: Approve Mortgage Loans Faster With eCBSV

Mortgage lenders processing SSA-89 forms are switching to eCBSV because it’s faster, cheaper, less error-prone, and requires less manual work.

SentiLink was the first company in history to integrate with the Social Security Administration to offer eCBSV.

This digital SSN verification service has been in pilot phase since July 2020, and the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has announced that an expanded rollout may happen as early as mid 2021. Many service providers, financial institutions, and mortgage originators will be adopting this service soon.

Our white paper, "Approve Mortgage Loans Faster With eCBSV" answers the following questions specifically for mortgage lenders based on our experience providing eCBSV services.

  • How much faster is eCBSV than SSA-89 forms?
  • How much cheaper is eCBSV than SSA-89 forms?
  • What practices should be implemented to optimize for eCBSV? 

Click here to download the white paper.