SentiLink's eCBSV Webinar

In late July, SentiLink became the first service provider in the United States to go live with eCBSV, the SSA’s service to allow for validation of Name+DOB+SSN combinations against the SSA’s records. As of today, SentiLink has also processed more eCBSV requests than any company in the country and has the highest breadth of use cases.

In response to the questions and inquiries we have received from Chief Risk Officers and fraud teams, as well as some of the incorrect information that others in our industry have expressed, we hosted a webinar on October 15th to share some of our own insights and analysis on how we think risk teams should be thinking about eCBSV.

In the spirit of SentiLink’s company values of “deep understanding,” we are sharing a video of our webinar to help to provide some clarity and original research on what we have observed thus far.

SentiLink’s eCBSV Webinar Video


Vivek Ahuja