SentiLink CEO Interviewed on CU Broadcast

SentiLink CEO, Naftali Harris, was interviewed by Mike Lawson of CU Broadcast. They covered a wide variety of topics including how synthetic identities are created, and what are authorized user marketplaces and the way they are used to increase the FICO score on synthetic identities.

In terms of credit unions, one in seven synthetic identities has targeted a credit union. While credit unions have membership requirements, these requirements “don’t necessarily keep out the bad guys,” according to Naftali.

Naftali shared some insights on how SentiLink combines human insight with technology to help financial institutions detect synthetic identities. Credit unions can leverage SentiLink’s API to detect synthetic identities as part of their real-time verification flow before they become members. SentiLink has tagged more than 100,000 synthetic identities.

Also included in the video are suggestions on how credit unions can get started in identifying synthetic identities.

This CU Broadcast video interview is available here. And, related information can be found in SentiLink’s white paper addressing credit unions and synthetic fraud.